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Why People Feel Better Surrounded By Flowers

Monday, August 13th 2018 3:59pm

There is no doubt that flowers have a startlingly positive effect on the psyche of the vast majority of people. This is of course one of the reasons that when someone is ill in hospital or someone is having a particularly rough time due to various circumstances we take flowers around to them to help brighten their mood and cheer them up.

Flowers Make You Smile Involuntarily

Flowers Make You Feel GoodAlmost everyone responds to seeing flowers with an involuntary smile, it is an inbuilt mechanism within us that connects with flowers when we come into contact with them. The same reflex smile happens whether the person is male or female research has found, so the effect is pretty much universal.

Research has also found that when a person receives flowers from someone they become more engaged and receptive to the person they have received them from, they also become more engaged with their whole surroundings and become more open. This is why people use a bouquet of flowers as a means of saying sorry to someone, they help to get them to opn up to you and more eager to hear what you have to say.

Because flowers elicit positive emotions they can help to relieve stress and anxiety. Flowers have a very relaxing effect and can take people away from their troubles at least for a short time. And the giving of flowers to one person can have a domino effect on the people who come into contact with that person, as the positive vibes that person can give off can rub off on all the people he or she comes into contact with.

Feeling At One With The World

Humans find flowers attractive and extremely eye catching, they can take a person back to nature and feel more at one with the world and their immediate surroundings. So the more we surround ourselves with flowers, the more chance that we will have a more relaxed and sociable nature.

Which brings us to the overwhelming fact that if you call into Armagh Blooms and check out all the glorious fresh flowers that we have available for you it will undoubtedly make you feel good all day long! We look forward to seeing you very soon.


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