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Latest News | Everything You Need For Valentine`s Day

Everything You Need For Valentine`s Day

Wednesday, February 7th 2018 9:19pm

As we are writing this blog post it is just 7 days away from Valentine`s Day so we would like to let you know what we have available for you to get your loved one (or potential loved one!) this Valentine`s.

Flowers The Perfect Valentine Gift

Valentine`s Day FlowersWe have a large range of teddy bears, gifts and Valentiness Day cards, and of course we have a wonderful array of flowers which are just perfect as a Valentine gift. Nothing says love quite like a bunch of flowers so if you are in any doubt say it with flowers every time.

Valentine`s Day has its origins in the Feast of Saint Valentine which was a western Christian Feast Day. But it was not until the 14th Century around the time of Chaucer that the day became entwined with romance and love. By the 18th Century it had evolved into something resembling what we have today with people professing their love through a gift of flowers and sometimes confectionery.

At Armagh Blooms we are always extremely busy on Valentine`s Day so if you would like to purchase a bouquet of flowers from us it may be best to call in, or ring us, to order that special bouquet to avoid disappointment. Likewise if you are looking for a teddy bear or some other Valentine gift try to call in as soon as you can so you can ensure you get exactly what you require.

Bessie Bags Of London In Stock

Bessie Bags Of LondonWe have just recently received a whole new range of Bessie Bags of London, you can see some of them in the photo here. These are always very popular, they are fabulous, stylish bags so here is another reason to come down to Armagh Blooms as soon as you can to check out what we have to offer you.

If you have any questions about any products or flowers we have you can give us a call in shop hours on 028 3752 4054 and we will be glad to help you.


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