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Imported Flowers And Home Grown Flowers - The Best Of Both Worlds

Wednesday, December 14th 2016 5:26pm

Hello and welcome to another blog post from Armagh Blooms, the number 1 florist in Armagh and beyond! Today we are looking at how many and which of the nations flowers are homegrown and which are imported.

It is true to say that we can have the best of both worlds, which is what we tend to do here at Armagh Blooms. The flowers that are in season here in the UK (and the closer to Armagh the better as far as we are concerned) are of course the first choice and the wide diversity of the flowers in this country is hard to beat.

But due to the nature of our climate, and this is true particularly in the winter time, if we are to have a large variety of choice all year round we need to import some of our flowers from countries where they are just blooming. Certain species will always grow better and in more abundance in certain countries so it makes perfect sense to import these into the UK.

For your information here is a list of the countries that we import most of our flowers and plants from in the UK together with the main crops they grow, as supplied by the Flowers Org website:

Belgium - pot plantsCanary Islands - chrysanthemums, roses
Caribbean - tropicals, foliage
Chile - carnations, roses
Colombia - standard & spray carnations, roses
Denmark - pot plants
Ecuador - carnations, roses
Holland - all flowers and pot plants
India - roses
Israel - roses, gypsophila, waxflower, anigozanthos, all summer flowers
Italy - carnations, chrysanthemums, foliage, foliage plants
Kenya - roses, carnations, spray carnations, statice
Malta - chrysanthemums, `Paper White' narcissi
Morocco - spray carnations
South Africa - proteas, strelitzia, roses, exotics
Spain - carnations, chrysanthemums
Thailand - orchids
Turkey - spray carnations
Venezuela - carnations, roses

And here is a list of the main varieties that are grown right here in the UK:
  • Flowering houseplants - African violets, azaleas, begonias, kalanchoes, and potted bulbs.
  • Daffodils, narcissi and tulips - The UK is the world's biggest grower of cut flower daffodils. Early Narcissi are grown in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, mid-season in Lincolnshire, and later in the season in Scotland.
  • Chrysanthemums - widely grown throughout the UK, but mainly along the South Coast, in many varieties.
  • Foliage - a wide range grown of mostly hardy hedgerow types but some exotic too - there is even a tea plantation in the UK.
  • Lisianthus - a quite new flower but increasing in popularity, there is an excellent grower in Suffolk.
  • Alstroemeria - again like lisianthus growing in popularity, several growers around the UK.
  • Seasonal summer flowers - including asters, delphiniums, peonies, Sweet Williams, stocks, solidaster and sunflowers. Grown all around the UK but mainly in Lincolnshire and the South Coast.

For more information you can go direct to the Flowers Org website by visiting the following link: Homegrown Flowers And Imported Flowers

We can supply the very freshest, most vibrant flowers from all around the world as well as from on our own doorstep, so please call in and get yourself or someone you love some flowers this Christmas from Armagh Blooms.


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