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Support Your Local Businesses On Small Business Saturday

This Saturday, December 3rd, is the 4th annual Small Business Saturday, a day which celebrates all the small independent businesses in the UK. The day helps to showcase all the small shops in the towns and cities up and down the UK and this day has grown and grown since its inception. It is good that this day comes just before the festive period as it helps give small businesses a great bit of publicity at this crucial time of the year for them.

Flowers And Chocolates Being Given Away In Birmingham`s Week Of Kindness

Birmingham`s Week Of Kindness is part of the Love Your Neighbour campaign, and to celebrate the week some people are giving away flowers and chocolates in the city centre to passers by. The idea of the campaign is that these gestures of goodwill to strangers will engender some community spirit in Birmingham and lead to people getting to know their neighbours a little better.

Florist Displays 7 Ft Poppy Man For Remembrance Day

A florist in Mayport is displaying a 7 foot Poppy Man as a gesture for the upcoming Remembrance Day. This eye catching creation was actually put together by the Alzheimer`s group at Lakes College, Lillyhall, a few years ago and now florist Suzi Smith of Enchanted Florist is putting it to good use by putting it in the front window of her shop where I am sure it will attract plenty of attention. And she is also pledging to donate 15% of all her sales in the shop this week to the Royal British Legion. Check out the picture below of the Poppy Man structure.

Use Flowers To Beat The Morning Blues

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at Armagh Blooms. We came upon a very interesting article the other day about how flowers can help you beat those horrible morning blues. Research has shown that for many people there is a distinct lack of positivity in the air when they wake up in the morning and they find it hard to motivate themselves and meet the days challenges with a smile on their faces.

Daffodils Threatened With Cross Pollination

There is news that the traditional daffodil is at great risk due to the amount of cross pollination, as garden centres strive to find larger, hardier varieties of the flower. These new hybrids are taking over and muscling the old traditional looking daffodil out.

Shira Designer Jewellery And Wedding Flowers

Hello and welcome once more to our blog here at Armagh Blooms, we hope you have enjoyed the summer months and are looking forward to the rest of the year. Today in our blog we have news of some new designer jewellery in stock and also some wedding flowers we recently created.

Looking After Your Flower Garden In August

Hello once again to our blog here at Armagh Blooms. As we are in August we thought we would pass on some advice over what should be attended to if you have a flower garden at this time of the year. August can be a busy old time of the year in the garden but one that you can often enjoy as the weather is hopefully at its best!

Celtic Candles, Lanterns, Fragrances And So Much More

Hello and welcome to our latest blog post here at Armagh Blooms, we hope you are in good health and looking forward to what the rest of the year holds for you. Today on our blog we have news of a great many items we have in stock for your delectation so please read on.

Gifts For All Occasions

Hello again and welcome to another blog post here at Armagh Blooms. As we have mentioned to you before we are not just a florists shop but much more than that. Yes we do have a wonderful array of fresh flowers and plants available in our shop but we also have lots of gift items, or you could call them items which you want to buy for yourself. Let us take a look at some of the stock we have at this moment in time.

Each Month Has A Flower Which Should Be Given To Celebrate A Birthday

Have you ever heard of birth month flowers? They are the flowers which signify a particular month and which are traditionally given as gifts to people who have a birthday in that month. Obviously a birth month flower is one that is in season for that time of year. It is believed this tradition of giving flowers as birthday gifts started around the time of the Roman empire and in Victorian times each flower was given various meanings so that when you gave a gift it conveyed a secret message to the recipient.

Fathers Day Gifts And New Stock Arriving

Welcome to another blog post from Armagh Blooms, we hope you are surviving the wet weather and the football too! We have news today of some new stock arriving in our shop of which we are going to post pictures of some of the stock below, and also what we have available for the Dad`s on Fathers Day.

Beautiful Wedding Bouquets

How Flowers Can Soothe The Soul

Check Out These Beautiful Flower Fields

Wedding Bouquets

Here are some photos that may give you some wedding bouquet ideas for your big day. Here at Armagh Blooms we have lots of experience in creating and preparing wedding flowers and we will tailor our service to your requirements. Every wedding is different and whereas some people want to go for the traditional look some may want a vintage theme or a gothic theme, or they may want a very bright and colourful spectacle. You may have a very strict colour scheme that we need to follow, but whatever it is you require we will ensure you get the perfect wedding flowers for your special day.

Welcome To Armagh Blooms

A warm welcome to Armagh Blooms and our new look website, we hope you will enjoy looking around the site so you can see what we have to offer you and it will encourage you to come along and check our florists out. This is the first post on our new blog on the site and it is really just an introduction to our business and what we will have in store for you on this blog over the next few weeks and months.

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